Spring Launch Event: 36 in 6

On April 23rd, 2016, William Shakespeare will have been dead for 400 years. But UNC Charlotte’s Shakespeare in Action Center is bringing him back to life…

In the next six years the university’s Shakespeare in Action Center will mount six events per year, each devoted to one of Shakespeare’s plays, so that by the target date we will have staged—in some form—36 plays in the canon.The events will include major productions, staged readings and the performance of selected scenes, alongside public lectures, colloquia and guest appearances. The "36 in 6" project will bridge the university and city of Charlotte communities, drawing graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, civic leaders, school teachers, high school students, retirees, local media and a full range of groups and individuals from the general public. The events will be held in various locations on campus and throughout the area, involving some which will tour local schools. By the end of the project we will have explored in some manner every single play written by Shakespeare and be poised to launch a new and exciting program of research and performance.

The first event will take place over the weekend of April 23rd (Shakespeare's birth and death day) at the Mint museum in Charlotte. It will be dedicated to Shakespeare’s gardens and will center on Richard II.

Shakespeare's Garden poster